Adventurer & Family Camporee 2022

Adventurer & Family Camporee in 2022 will be held at Stuarts Point for all Adventurers and Adventurer aged kids (4-9 years) over the North NSW Conference. Other non-Adventurer family members are also welcome to join.

This year the theme is 'Spread the Word'. Pastor Sean Berkley will be our camp speaker joined by a worship band, and a range of fun activities that will take place over the weekend. All applications received after July 31 will incur a $10 late fee.

If you want to bring family, friends or your neighbours but they're only able to come for one day, be sure to let them know to contact Stuarts Point to pay in advance for a day pass option to be allowed on the grounds ($3 per person per day). They will also need to register and pay the full Camporee fee prior.

Children aged 0-3 years attend for free. There will be restrictions on what activities they are able to participate in but they will be welcome at all tent worships, talks, songs and entertainment.

Registrations open June 1st 2022 and close September 30th.

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