The 3 Phases:

Phase 1 - Predictions of Hope: Beyond Corona

Download the promotional video for 'Predictions of Hope' here.

When: May 8-11 with a total of four sessions.

What: This is the entry level program, it will deal specifically with the current COVID-19 pandemic, aimed at a secular Australian audience and will consist of shorter presentations by evangelists Gary Webster and Robbie Berghan. At the end of the presentations viewers will be encouraged to register for Revelation Today: Hope Awakens.

Delivery: Online at

Phase 2 - Revelation Today: Hope Awakens

When: May 15 with 20 presentations over 4 weeks, Friday, Saturdays, Tuesday and Wednesday.

What: A full message evangelistic series presented by John Bradshaw. The series of presentations will be introduced and concluded by Gary Webster and viewers will be encouraged to sign up for their local Zoom Masterclass.

Delivery: Online at Each session will be available on-demand after it is released. 

Phase 3 - ZOOM Masterclasses: Secrets of Prophecy

When: June-August

What: Viewers who sign up for the masterclass will be grouped by postcode and connected into a zoom meeting run by local Church pastors using the Secrets of Prophecy material.

Delivery: Each week the guides will be emailed out and participants will join the ZOOM Meeting to discuss with the pastor.


This is where the virtual Bible Workers will come in, each Church can nominate their Pastor or a Church member who will do a short online training course to prepare them to interact with viewers as they go through the series. Topics include online etiquette, digital visits, overcoming objections and how to transition contacts from online to Church. Each video is no longer than 12 minutes and training should be complete in just over an hour.

Becoming a Digital Bible Worker



Phase 1: Predictions of Hope

Phase 2: Hope Awakens


Phase 3: ZOOM Masterclass - Secrets of Prophecy 

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