North New South Wales
Last Update February 6, 2024
Two stage move
The North New South Wales Conference Office has started the two-stage relocation process.

Our former office at 112 Lake Road, Wallsend closed its doors on June 16, 2023. We have since moved to our temporary home at the Avondale University Education Hall, in Cooranbong.

As of June 26, 2023, we have been operating from the Education Hall, where we will be based until our definitive move to our new office location, still on the Avondale estate, in the coming months.

During this transition, our phone number, email, and PO Box will remain the same. After the final move, mail sent to the PO Box will be redirected to the new office for a period of time. You can continue to reach out to us using the following contact details:
Accessing the office
From now until the move to the new office, visitors to the Conference Office may park in the visitor's car park on the Avondale estate. To access this car park, turn left after the main entrance on University Drive and then turn left again onto College Road. The car park should be on the right side after taking these turns.

Visitors should follow College Road, walking toward University Church to access the office from the car park. Visitors should follow the road around the roundabout onto the one-way drive and then turn right at the second footpath. This footpath will lead you to the conference office in the Education building.
Children’s Resource Centre
The resource centre is now relocated at the new permanent location at Avondale University, Cooranbong.

Team support Administrator, Bernice Brown, will be able to answer any questions concerning the relocation of the resource centre.

Email: [email protected]
Faith FM
Fatih FM has been operating from the Library Building at Avondale University until early next year, when we relocated to our permanent building.
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