Daniel and The Revelation artwork competition

The Evangelism Department of the North New South Wales Conference is looking for fresh and captivating imagery based around the prophecies contained in Daniel 2, Daniel 7 and Revelation 12. We invite you to employ your artistic abilities to render these prophecies in a way that will captivate people and connect with theme of “Daniel and The Revelation.”

The artwork could be specific prophetic beasts, or it could be a full scene — for example, a young man looking out toward an apocalyptic prophetic scene. There’s so much in the three chapters that you can be inspired by and we want you to engage your full artistic abilities to share these visions with us!

With up to $5000 in prizes available, this is not a competition you want to miss!


Prize categories:

  1. $1000 — artwork that’s fully fleshed out and that the conference can use in its entirety
  2. $500 — the conference will use part of the artwork or elements of it
  3. $200 — a junior prize for usable concepts (a drawing or painting that will then be given to another artist to fully render)


How to enter:

To submit your entry, email your name, contact details and a paragraph explaining the inspiration for your piece — e.g.: what chapters you were inspired by, what verses you drew from — to YvannaPhillips@adventist.org.au. You will then be sent an invitation to a Dropbox folder where you will be able to upload your artwork.

The deadline for your artwork is Monday, 18 December at the close of business (5.00pm).

Please direct any queries about the competition to YvannaPhillips@adventist.org.au.


Terms and conditions:

  1. Artwork will be judged by a panel of NNSW Conference employees.
  2. If no artwork is deemed to be worthy of a prize, there will be no winners.
  3. Rights to winning artworks will be transferred to the NNSW Conference.
  4. Applications are open to anyone — you don’t have to live in the NNSW Conference region to enter! As long as you’re an inhabitant of the planet Earth, you’re welcome to enter the “Daniel and The Revelation” artwork competition.
  5. There is no age limit — the competition is open to anyone who can create art.
  6. Winners will be notified by 18 January, 2018.