Daron's Soap Box: Check on Me


Our children need "nosy" parents and mentors who check on them regularly. Left unchecked, where do our children end up?
Daron Has a Soapbox moment
Will you "Check on me?"
Australian children are not doing so well. Record numbers of children are in out-of-home care and reports of abuse and neglect reflect the crisis affecting children of the ‘lucky country. The sexualisation of society and family breakdown have a disastrous impact on children, many of whom rate family conflict as their greatest concern, and the cause of their growing self-hatred and depression.

Across Australia, there are thousands of young people who do not come from a healthy functioning family. This along with the fallout from the effects of mass-media, alcohol abuse, early sexual experimentation, drug abuse, absence of Dads, lack of effective parenting and you can see that we have a crisis on our hands like never before.
This crisis is played out in our schools and streets almost every day and the picture we see on our news screens is not pretty.
children are feeling the full brunt of it. Circumstances can mean they avoid discussing feelings, fears and sadness and often then is no significant adult to check in with.
Whilst there is no easy fix to many of these issues, I believe that a huge difference could be made in the lives of these "at risk children If there was someone to check in with them. Significant adults in the lives of our children is essential to their health, well being and resilience.
If we could collectively "Check on Me!". A lot of our societies problems would disappear, a lot of our jails/juvenile detention centres would be empty….A lot of problems in our schools would be solved and a lot of childrens distress and acting out would diminish if we as a collective society did just this one thing.
If "Check on Me" was truly in place in our churches then our youth and children would find it really hard to slip out the back door!
It is really simple but all too hard at the same time!
"Our Children need "nosy" parents and mentors who are regularly checking in and investing time in the child's life and know where they are at!
"Check on Me! starts with you and me for the sake of our children!
(Daron gets off his soap box and mumbling wanders on into the crowded street)
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