Daron's Soap Box: Dare to Dream & Create


Encourage our kids to dream, create and imagine.
Daron has a soap box moment.
I am so glad my mum purchased plasticine for me as a child.
Plasticine was my favourite growing up as a 3-12 year old. Mum would buy me a packet when we were out shopping and I would make snakes and snails, giraffes and tigers, rockets and planes. My imagination would run wild and I would create.
I am sure I must have annoyed mum with the bits and pieces all over the furniture but she never complained. She encouraged me to play and be creative. She told me to dream and imagine.
Free play is something that is in short supply in this day and age and it's important that we encourage our kids to dream, create and imagine. Toys such as modelling clay, Lego with no instructions, knitting and crocheting etc give our kids the skills they need during play to succeed in life. As a child playing Lego, farms, painting, drawing Matchbox cars, mecanno, plasticine and zoos inspired me to think big and dream big dreams! Those big hairy audacious creations on the floor became the scaffold for the big hairy audacious dreams in my life and career and for God.
I really do think those early plasticine inspired models were the forerunner of Pr Daron the balloon man.
I am so glad my mum purchased plasticine for me regularly, it was my favourite.
Daron gets off his soap box tucks his Gladstone "balloon" bag under his arm and wanders on into the crowded street.
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