Daron's Soap Box: Faith is a Messy Thing


So often we as Christians divide the secular and the religious!
Daron has a soapbox moment...
Faith is a messy thing! It is dynamic, at times nebulous and develops differently in each child! It is amazing to see how God works!
What does authentic faith look like?... Is it adherence to a particular set of beliefs, a life stage, a set of defined steps and practices that me must see in our children or is it more than that? So often we as Christians divide the secular and the religious and we confine faith and spirituality to the religious but what if faith and spirituality can be found/grown in the secular and the religious?
Do we write off some expressions of faith/spirituality that our children exhibit because they are different to what we think it should look like? Are we at times in danger of straight jacketing faith/spirituality or forming it into our own image through our own spirituality strainer? Is there room for new expressions of faith and maybe do our children have something to teach us about faith /spirituality? Do we need to loosely but intentionally build the scaffolding and then become a non-anxious observer and let God work? I wonder and ponder!
"Faith is a messy thing. How anyone comes to some understanding of God and what resources feed that belief is anything but clear, concise, or clean....faith has always been a messy thing that’s difficult to articulate and drawn from a crazy and seemingly random set of sources....there’s the assertion in the “MORALISTIC THERAPEUTIC DEISM” industry that eclectic approaches to faith development are something of an aberration—that authentic faith is to be found in resolute allegiance to a particular faith tradition without considering how God might be in conversation through other means." (Jeff Keuss, 2014)
Daron hops off his soapbox and ponders and mumbles and cogitates!
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