Daron's Soap Box: How to Help Your Child Encounter God


Daron hops up on his soap box.
When did you last take the time to stop and smell the roses…. So often we as parents get busy doing stuff and sweating stuff and running after stuff because we want to leave a legacy for our children. This is all noble and good in some ways but how often to we think about the legacy that is more important than stuff and has eternal significance. What eternal legacy are you leaving for your children?
When do our children get to encounter God.  Sometimes   we crowd out out children's schedules with school, after school lessons and appointments… then they crowd out the rest of their time with electronic noise. I wonder when do they get the time to "Be still and know that I am God"
The Average Australian Child spends 40 hours in front of some sort of screen. Many have never ventured into the bush or even take the time to get lost and found again. Many rarely even venture into their own back yard.
Silence, "un hurriedness" and and "down time" are rare commodities in this rat race we find ourselves in yet it is just as important that we help our children carve out these times amongst all the busyness in order to give them time to encounter God.
Our children need opportunities to encounter God. They need to know that truth is not just knowing the bible facts and figures, but that truth speaks to us now today and transforms us as part of the Grand narrative found in the God Story.David Csinos and Ivy Beckwith in their book "Children's Ministry in the Way of Jesus" say that  "When children realise that God's story is also their story, they become responsible for ensuring that the episodes in which they make appearances are faithful to the overall script that God has laid out and that they help to move the story forward to the concluding eschatological scene"
My more conservative friends prefer curriculums that teach our children to recite memory verses and that teaches them their version of the "truth"  memorisation and wrote learning produces shallow superficial "christians" who may know the do's and don'ts of the scriptures but have never actually encountered and experienced the God of the scriptures.
I prefer curriculums that now only teach the truth but help the children to encounter God in those deep heart thinking moments and them helps them apply it to their everyday lives.
Here are seven ways that we can help our children have moments where they truly encounter God…
1.  Stop and Read God's word to them…. It gives them the big picture of God's story.  Don't forget to tell them your God Story as well.
2.  Teach them to pray and pray with them…Help them to pray and help them to see God's answers as well
3. Encourage them to read the Bible for themselves and discuss with them regularly what they are reading and what God is teaching them.
4.  Encourage them to ponder and sweat the hard stuff.  When we listen to kids's questions and join them in wrestling to find the answers we tell them that they and the things they ponder and meditate on are important to us as well
5.  Limit their distractions…Help them to create the time to stop and be still so that they can hear the still small voice of God.
6. Capture the God moments that occur almost daily.  Life's up's and downs and downright craziness creates its own opportunities to help out kids catch glimpses of God in their everyday lives/
7.  Show them what a real relationship with God looks like.  When children see you encountering God and the difference it makes to you, it helps launch them into God Encounters.
Helping out Kids to encounter God is one of the Greatest legacies we can ever leave them with that will rebound down to eternity!
(Daron gets off his soap box and mumbling wanders on into the busy street)
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