Daron's Soap Box: Our Children Need Jesus


We need to show our children what the life, love, grace and forgiveness of Jesus looks like.
Daron has a soapbox moment.
Jesus all... That is all!
We need to show our children what the life, love, grace and forgiveness of Jesus looks like. The "no-baloney" Jesus. That is all that matters in their childhood years...The stories of Jesus is the be all and end all.
I was born into the Adventist Church and grew up in it. During my growing up years, I was tormented by nightmares that had me tossing and turning many nights. As I child I thought that I could never be good enough to make it to the Kingdom. I was scared of God, I was scared of the second coming, I was scared of being eternally lost....Where did Jesus go?
I can remember sermons of doom and gloom. timelines, beasts, dragons, persecution and pestilence all very scary and all a bit too much for a 6,7,8,9 year old mind .... Where did Jesus go?
I can remember at Church in the 1970's whole afternoon programs dedicated to end time scenarios. Every major catastrophe in the news was announced as a trigger point....The pope scratched himself and this was it. The end was nigh! I was told that this was the last pope and the time was near. I had to overcome sin so that I could stand perfect and get a ticket to heaven. I struggled to be perfect but it seemed I could never quite get there.....I felt hopeless and lost. As a 7,8,9 year old this is a huge cross to carry. One I should never have to carry. Where did Jesus Go?
The idea that the time of the end was coming very soon and that we would have to run to the hills where we would have to hide from the catholic/government forces scared me witless. I wondered could I survive? Some of the elders who had studied their prophecies said that we would have to survive for about 2 and 1/2 weeks and in this time we could not sin because we would not have a mediator. Why would Jesus leave me? Why would Jesus stop standing up for me? Could I as a 7-8 year old last 2 and 1/2 weeks without sinning? I decided I would give it a good shot. I had to or else I would be eternally lost..... Where did Jesus go?
And then there was that picture of the investigative judgement... One day my name would come up when I personally would be investigated. If I had done anything wrong on that day and not confessed it then I was done for....And those scales with me on one side and all of my bad deeds on the other. Somehow in my mind, I was under the impression if my bad deeds outweighed me then I was in trouble. I remembered that I had cheated on my maths test and I was sure that that would be one of the bigger weights at the bottom of the pile of weights on the scale.... I needed to put on some weight to balance that one out...that scale picture of the investigative judgment took Jesus out of the equation.... Where did Jesus Go?
And then there was that book "Now" read to us as a novel in chapel at school. I had many sleepless nights over that one. The young child running from the authorities, being caught and interrogated... ended up being strapped into an electric chair.... I was scared.... I wet myself.....Where did Jesus Go?
I really went through my own personal hell. In fact, hell would have been a relief. What occurred to me I now understand as spiritual abuse. As parents and as a church we really need to be careful what pictures we place on our children's minds. And what burdens we make them carry....Where is Jesus?
I am so thankful that later in life as a teenager I discovered Jesus...My Jesus. I found a saviour who never leaves me or forsakes me. One who stands in the gap to cover my sins and the fact that I can never make it on my own. One who covers me with His robe of Righteousness because my best attempts at righteousness are like a bunch of filthy rags. I discovered My Jesus who goes though floods, storms and flames with me. Who stands up in my boat and says peace be still. I encountered My Jesus who carries the lambs in his arms and walks with me. I also discovered a huge load of unlimited grace that soothed my terrified childhood dreams and led me to the foot of the cross. I want my children to know that Jesus and have purposefully protected them from the other rubbish!
Our children need Jesus. They need a clear picture of Jesus. Tell them the stories of Jesus....the "no-baloney" Jesus. That is what matters in their childhood years...Jesus all, that is all!
Daron hops off his soap box and continues to point the eyes and hearts of the children to Jesus!
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