Daron's Soap Box: The Kingdom of Heaven Belongs to Children


Let our young children start their journey and let us support, and journey with them.
Daron has a soap box moment?
The kingdom of heaven belongs to children.... So does the church!
The most harrowing stories I hear in my line of work are Pastors/Parents who tell a child they are too young to make a decision for Jesus. Even worse are pastors who make an altar call at a baptism. I cringe when these occur! The children jump up and down, dancing with excitement in the temple with their hands raised shouting me!... Me I Will! The pastor ignores the children... Looks over their head to the back of the church and fails to acknowledge them... writing them off as too young (I weep and gnash my teeth) and then he/she acknowledges the old lady who stands for baptism and makes a huge fuss! Whilst the adult's decision is awesome, the children have all of their life to live for him and that is just as awesome if not more so and is worth making a huge fuss over.... Heaven does! Why do altar calls if you are not then going to walk the journey with the child. Where are the Samuels, Esthers, Josephs, little maids, the Daniels and Josiahs? The world could do with a few of those right now!
Children eventually realise they are not important/wanted and will vote with their feet! They have made a decision in Sabbath school, church, at summer camp and big camp. No one has bothered to acknowledge/journey with and disciple. In the end they realise they are not important and stop making decisions...they realise that the church is after the adult out there and so their faith/spirituality is left to "wither on the vine". Why not walk with children, celebrate them, be a friend and a mentor at the age of 5, 7, 9 and beyond? Why don't we include them in our worship and practices so that they are so involved and loved that they never want to leave? The child's decision is then more of a journey and a walk in "Along The Way" rather than a pivotal moment or emotional event although these can happen as well. We need to always remember that faith/spirituality is not a cookie cutter one size fits all approach. Each child's journey and faith/spirituality is unique and awesome. All they need is for interested and invested adults to care about the journey and to be in their picture.
If Jesus places children in the centre of the Kingdom and called them to "The Way" then why doesn't the church?
Daron hops down from his soap box and agitatedly wanders on into the crowded street.
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