Daron's Soap Box: The Ship Sailed On...

In 2003, George Barna released his revolutionary work "Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions: Why children should be your churches #1 priority"

This is it! I thought. We will finally get it! The stats and the research is clear. Finally we will begin to reach children and equip homes. A copy was purchased for every pastor in my conference.
The ship sailed on! We didn't just miss the boat — we missed an entire ocean!
In 2009 "Think Orange: Imagine the Impact when Church and Family Collide."
This is it! I thought. Surely the church will get it now. Finally we will get church and family on the same page. Finally we will prioritise our children. It was more great research! I purchased a copy for every pastor in the conference.
The ship sailed on!
Children overboard.
We're losing them. "Man the life boat!"
The ship sailed on!
In 2010, the D6 Movement began, based around the Shema and the V'ahavta found in Deuteronomy 6. This is it! This is straight from the Bible — the time is now!
The ship sailed on... Budgets, priorities — "we must save the youth! We must reach the world! Families are too messy, Let's stick to the programs. We only do five programs and children/family is not one of them!"
Children overboard — does anyone notice? The slow bleed. The slow fade... The ship sailed on...
"Value Genesis"
"Faith begins at home"
"One generation from Extinction"
"Post-Modern Children's Ministries"
"You Lost Me"
"It Starts at Home"
"Already Gone"
"Goodby Generation"
"Sticky Faith"
"Haemorrhaging Faith"
"Messy Church"
"Faith Forward"
"Families and Faith
"Growing Young"
"Children's Ministries in the way of Jesus"
The research is in. The literature is in.
The ship sails on...
Discipling Adults
Colour of the Carpet
Hope Channel
Big City Evangelism
Reaching the Lost
Worship styles
Planting churches
These are all important things...
The ship sails on!
Ships do turn slowly they say. But it's too slowly for me! These are my kids, my relatives kids, my church — my family!
Daron gets down off his soapbox, grabs the ship's wheel and gives it a hard yank to the left!
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