Daron's Soap Box: Where's Dad?


Why are many young men tuned out of the church? You know the type... Drop the wife and kids off and head out surfing, biking or home to watch sport...
Daron has a soapbox moment..
Why are many young men tuned out of the church? You know the type... Drop the wife and kids off and head out surfing, biking or home to watch sport....
Could it be that we have feminized worship and the gospel to the detriment of our men?
Could it be that we have captured the gentle Jesus meek and mild and lost sight of the radical Jesus?
Could it be that these men find more of their Jesus out in the surf or on the road or else on the sporting field rather than what they find in church?
With these sorts of love songs, I wonder.... (Nothing wrong with the occasional love song but when that is all that there is it makes the menu a little bland)
"Oh I can see it now
Oh I can see the love in Your eyes"... Really?
Sorry does nothing for me as a middle aged father!
Why is this important to me? Well because if Dad is tuned out of his faith, the children will more likely tune out as well despite Mum's best efforts. This does not take away from Mum's faith at all but for some reason the faith of Dad trumps Mum. The best scenario is both parents tuned in to faith.
Research is clear that while a mother's faith is significant, the father's faith is even more so.
For example Elisa Zhai Autry, a sociologist of religion and global fellow at the Institute for Global Engagement, said her research on the religiosity of children of divorce found the impact of the father’s commitment to his faith was critical in determining whether the children stayed active in church as adults.
They found in custody arrangements where the father has limited time with his children, he will choose leisure activities over church. Also, children’s reduced time with paternal relatives limits that influence on the children’s exposure to religion.
“Our argument was the influence of fathers is unique and vital,” Autry said. “A mother’s influence is constant. They are always there. But somehow that is not enough.”
Dollahite, co-director of the American Families of Faith project, said interviews with 200 families of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths found religion to be most influential on children when both parents are united in their commitment to living their faith. The Mother's faith alone is not enough!
Research has also shown that while a faith community has an impact on children’s religious views, the intimate setting of a home is where a child’s longest lasting faith formation takes place.
“The home is more powerful in terms of influencing kids than what happens in the religious community,” Dollahite said. “The religious community can help, but it’s no question Mom and Dad have more influence on religious sensibilities of their children.”
Where are the faithful Dads?
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