ACS/ADRA Training

Welcome to the registration page for the Adventist Community Services (ACS) / ADRA Training coming up from the 30th July - 1st August 2021.

This training is for anyone who is a ACS/ADRA leader, on the ACS/ADRA team, or would like to join/start a team in your local church.

Further communications will come in the leadup to the weekend.

More Information about the role

We ask for your assistance in appointing an ACS Leader (some churches might want to call this role ADRA Church Rep) in your local church/s and motivate them to attend training set aside for 30th July – 1st August 2021.  

In light of NNSW Conference Strategic Plan 2020-2023, the Serving Humanity section is requesting churches to:

  1. Appoint an ACS leader in every local church, and
  2. Have 80% of churches trained in strategic, needs based community services.

The time available to start with training and equipping local church leaders is 30th July – 1st August 2021– which is not far off.  Therefore we request your urgent assistance in helping us in identifying the ideal representative in your church, send their details through to Rochelle Gilroy at the conference office, and inform your rep (appointed ACS Leader) of the training dates.

The registration for the ACS/ADRA training is found at the link below. Please have everyone you wish to send from you church register before the 10th July 2021

Defining the Role :

According to the SDA church Manual, the ACS Leader is elected by the local Church, participates as a member of the Personal Ministries team and serves on the Church Board. They are appointed as a change agent in the local congregation, developing and motivating teams towards being a transforming agent in its community, following the method of Jesus to bring help and hope through ministries of compassion in His name. 

Church’s Steps in Appointing an ACS Leader:

  • Prayerfully consider the importance of your church becoming a transforming agent in its community, following the method of Christ
  • Search, who in your church community has clearly demonstrated that passion, giftedness and calling towards such a ministry?
  • Nominate such a person, through Nominating Committee, or Church board to the position as ACS leader.
  • Provide the Conference ACS department (departmental assistant – Rochelle Gilroy at [email protected]) with your newly elected ACS leader’s name and contact details so that training can be set up for this individual.
  • According to the Church manual (Revised 2016p. 102), the newly appointed ACS leader will form part of the Personal Ministries Council and local Church Board.
  • Invite your Conference ACS Director to a planning committee to assist in developing a training program towards effective Adventist Community Services program in each area, vital for the success of the local church.

Training for ACS Leaders:

Conference wide training for all ACS Leaders will commence at Yarrahappinni Camp grounds on Friday 30th July 2021 5:00 pm and conclude on Sunday 1st August at 1:00 pm. 

Conference ACS Department will cover the cost for training, accommodation and meals.  We request that the local church supports their leaders with the travel expense.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to give me a call:  David Haupt, Mob. 0433 305 910 or email me on [email protected].

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