About Evangelism

Our vision for evangelism is simple: to be bold in sharing the loving and saving message of Jesus Christ to the communities we are a part of. We are called to make disciples of all nations and this commission forms the vision of the Evangelism Department in the NNSW Conference. But it doesn’t stop with us. In fact, it starts with you, and we want to equip you in your local churches to live out this commission in both your individual lives and shared communities. We want to provide opportunities to partner with you by pooling our resources and our talents to bring people to Jesus through public evangelism. We currently have two conference evangelists and you can request either of them to hold a series for you!

If this is something your church is interested in, start a discussion by filling out an application form linked in the resources below. If you’re unsure of some questions, just answer to the best of your knowledge and we’ll go from there.

Danny Milenkov

Danny is an Australian-born Macedonian who grew up as a Seventh-day Adventist but was converted through Bible prophecy at age 18. He has now been presenting seminars on biblical archaeology, history, prophecy and current world events for over 15 years, and his search for answers has taken him to explore and lecture in the South Pacific, Europe and Africa. In his evangelistic series titled Discover Hope, Danny answers some of life’s most important questions, making it a life-changing experience for many.

Peter Watts

Originally from the UK, Peter was an atheist until his mid-twenties when he had an encounter with God and began to explore the bigger questions of life. He wanted to know if there was a purpose to life, if there was a God and if He did exist, wondered what impact it would have on his own life and others he cared about. Peter is now an international speaker who presents regularly on philosophy, current global trends and spirituality and is currently running a series called Is God for Real?


Evangelism Personnel

Campaign Application

Follow this link to fill out a form and have one of the conference evangelists come to your area.
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