Adventurer & Family Camporee will be held at Stuarts Point for all Adventurers and Adventurer ages kids (4-9 years) over the North NSW Conference. There will be a speaker, worship band, and a range of fun activities that will take place over the weekend.

Children aged 0-3 years attend for free. There will be restrictions on what activities they are able to participate in but they will be welcome at all tent worships, talks, songs and entertainment.

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Please book your accommodation ASAP with Stuarts Point Convention Centre on (02) 6569 0576. If you are planning to stay off-site, make sure you have pre-paid for entry to the site by selecting the Day Ticket option as well as Camporee Fees on the online registration form.

Registrations for Adventurer and Family Camporee are now closed. For any inquiries, please contact the Youth Department at the Conference office.


Date + Time

Friday, 22 September @ 12am - 11pm
Sunday, 24 September @ 12am - 11pm