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Communications director Maddy Voinea and ministerial secretary Neil Thompson discuss some of the great things happening in the Adventist community in North New South Wales over the last few months.


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From the Adventist Church in North New South Wales
ATSIM Resource - AUC

Pr Darren Garlett, the (AUC) Australian Union Conference Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ministries Director recently attended the Adventist Schools Association gathering to give an Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country. Present were a large group of school leaders who, at the conclusion of the meeting, was approached by a school administrator. She was new to her role […]

Our Biggest Little Giver

Like most children, young Allyssa Coleman had been looking forward to Big Camp all year—though not necessarily for the same reason as most of her peers. Allyssa had heard about people who don’t yet know Jesus and she wanted to help them in any way she could. Every time she received some pocket money or […]

Hannah's Story

I graduated from the Arise program in 2017 and it was the best experience of my life so far. Before Arise I really desired to share my faith, but I wasn’t quite sure how. I was also finding my walk with God challenging and felt I needed something that was missing. The Arise program was […]

4D Living Brain Function Conference

The annual Brain Function Conference is a yearly event run by 4D Living Lifestyle Health Clinic targeting anyone interested in brain function. This year it was held on May 9 in Newcastle. The speakers included Arlene Taylor, PhD, Darren Morton, PhD, and David Stojcic, MA. The main focus of the conference was mental health and […]

The Bell: Bellingen House Church

For the past two months, a group of believers have been coming together in our home each week for Home Church. Several months back we had felt the Holy Spirit pressing upon to start a house church but it wasn’t until we began visiting with another young family who told us they were feeling impressed […]

The NorthPoint Bulletin is Back in Print!

Over the last 6 months, the communications team at the NNSW conference office has experienced big changes. We have a new team and direction for communications as well as some great content for you to share with your congregation and the wider community. One recurring feedback was regarding the amount of wasted printed resources. Most […]

Town Hall Meetings

July 29 - August 7 In preparation for the constituency meeting on September 15, “Town Hall Meetings” will be held in 8 locations explaining Constituency Meeting Logistics, North NSW Conference Strategic Plan, Constitution Changes, Best Use of 112 Lake Road and to give people the opportunity to ask questions. Constituency meeting delegates and any interested […]

SPD Faith & Science Conference

Don't miss this fantastic event on July 16-19, 2019 at Avondale College. Speakers include: Dr Jim GibsonDr Jacques DoukhanDr Leonard BrandDr Tim StandishProf Art ChadwickDr Wendy JacksonDr Sven OstringDr Anthony MacPhersonProf Ross GrantDr Warren GrubbPastor Hensley GungadooDr John Ashton Early Bird registrations end on May 31.   $250 for full board, meals and program.   Day registrations […]

Comments on a healthy diet

The array of opinions regarding what we eat can be overwhelming. In addition there are many with vested interests in keeping the waters muddied so to speak so that it becomes all too hard for anyone to reach a consensus opinion.  Margaret Mead a famous sociologist commented that it is easier to change someone’s religion […]

A Balanced Approach to Health

God is balanced and so is everything that comes from Him. But as fallen human beings, we have the tendency to go to extremes. And in the attempt to rescue the balance, the health talks and workshops at Big Camp this year brought the theme “Refocus” inspiring people to reconsider the Health Message and its […]

Big Camp 2019

3201 campers attended Big Camp this year. Worshiping together with other believers is an amazing spiritual experience. The event included 12 divisions, 65 workshops, over 25 speakers yet the spiritual value is immesearable. Many decisions were made and we praise God for the opportunity to come together as a church family to worship Him. Have […]

Lest We Forget

Commitment. To overstate your age to qualify!To rise early, in freezing stinking trenches with the stench of death ever present, to travel to the other side the world to do battle for king and country! As the sun rose and the numbers swelled at the Dawn Service at the RSL in Morisset, we were poignantly […]

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