4D Living Brain Function Conference

The annual Brain Function Conference is a yearly event run by 4D Living Lifestyle Health Clinic targeting anyone interested in brain function. This year it was held on May 9 in Newcastle. The speakers included Arlene Taylor, PhD, Darren Morton, PhD, and David Stojcic, MA. The main focus of the conference was mental health and in particular depression and anxiety and its impact on the family and caregivers. The feedback received from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive and according to David Stojcic, the co-founder of  4D Living Lifestyle Health Clinic, the Brain Function Conferences will continue to be run on a yearly basis. One of the reasons he states for the running of these conferences is the latest research that shows that our overall health is “brain-based”, as Dr Arlene Taylor likes to say it. Another reason for organising the  Brain Function Conferences is to promote the work of 4D Living Lifestyle Health Clinic that focuses on the holistic health that includes the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of wellbeing, says David Stojcic.

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