7 Days of Prayer

An important message from leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia:

"We are all well aware of the devastating fires that have been happening in parts of Australia over the last few weeks. Literally millions of hectares of land have been scorched and torched, and many people have lost their homes and everything they own, including some of our own church members.

"In addition to the fires, parts of Australia continue to battle with the worst drought our country has experienced in decades.

"To this end, we would like to invite you all to spend a special week in prayer specifically targeting our brave fire-fighters, families and businesses impacted by fire, properties and personalities ravaged by crippling drought.

"Please pray every day that rains will come to the areas that desperately need it. Pray that the rain will alleviate the problems and suffering caused by both fire and drought.

"Please set aside all of next week (December 14-21) for a special focus on prayer."—Pastor Jorge Munoz, Pastor Michael Worker and Peter Cameron

I would like to encourage our church members across the South Pacific to get behind this initiative. Prayer makes a difference.

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