Biggest Ever Jump Start Student LE Winter Canvassing Program

For the first time ever, over twenty students, part-time LE’s and active church members participated in a five-week canvassing program which was run in Newcastle, Raymond Terrace, Kempsey and Taree ending on 21 July 2019.

Over 1200 hours were spent in the community, selling and giving away almost $8000 worth of books, approximately 80% of which was spiritual.

Approximately 15,000 letterbox cards, glow tracts and church fliers were distributed, and 214 people were prayed with at their front door. Almost 140 contacts were established with people who are expecting further follow-up by church pastors, bible workers and active church members.

We praise God for approximately 520 The Great Controversy books and 360 Darkness Before Dawn (selected chapters from The Great Controversy) that were placed into the hands, hearts and homes of people who are hungry to know more. The spiritual books that were distributed literally number in the thousands!

We know that much of Australia is in drought, not only physically, but also spiritually, which makes every book sold a miracle! God will take care of the gospel seeds that have been sown, and there will be an abundant harvest.

I wish to thank everyone involved for the part they played in making this year’s Jump Start Student LE program the best ever, especially Fine Paiaaua who, after attending previous Winter Canvassing Programs, led the Newcastle team this year. Having recently completed his Theology degree, canvassing has been a great ‘front line’ experience for him. Currently leading out in a four week Jump Start LE outreach in Sydney, Fine continues this God-ordained work...

The inspired writings of Ellen White state that “as long as probation continues, there will be an opportunity for the canvasser to work.” Colporteur Ministry, 11. What part are you playing? God bless, Andrew Kochanski, Jump Start Literature Evangelist

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