Bringing Hope to The Outback

 Young Adults Finke Mission Trip
Juliana Muniz

Located almost in the dead centre of Australia, Finke, or Aputula, is an aboriginal community that has only one church - a Seventh-day Adventist Church. Supporting the district pastor David Gilmore, Mancel and his wife, Jubilee, are the ones responsible for keeping the church alive. They are bible workers that have sacrificed phone reception, modern infrastructure and pleasant weather, and have been ministering and influencing the community for the past six years. 

But being only two in a community with over 200 people that need constant care, they don’t get to do everything that they dream for the church. Moved by that, the youth department of the NNSW Conference decided to take whoever was brave enough to hop in 4WDs and drive all the way from Newcastle to Finke, in the Northern Territory, to help the church in that community. And for 17 days, a group of 18 people left the comfort of their homes to drive there, camping on the side of the road, with no showers, no phone reception, but a great sense of mission in their hearts. 

During the six days that the group were there, the calm and quiet Finke gained a little bit of excitement and hope. With the missionaries waking up at 5 am every day, the church building that once was grey and pale is now alive with colour. The orange and blue that symbolize the outback now make the church feel even more like home for the community. 

The group also brought more life to the interior of the church with an evangelistic series themed ‘Hope Running Deep’ that ran every night. “It was so exciting to notice that after two days in the town, the community started to warm up to us. A lady sat with my wife to talk, and a young man came to ask me questions about life. Each night we could see the number of attendees increasing in the church. So people do respond to us when we come to these places and show them that we care and we love them”, says Dana Howard, NNSW Youth Ministries director. 

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