Expired: Position Available: Children’s Pastor

Children’s Pastor

Employer: Wallsend Seventh-day Adventist Church

Time: 20 hours per week

Position Summary:

Wallsend SDA Church is seeking a visionary children’s pastor who would lead, empower and coach others in the children’s ministry space.

Wallsend SDA church is serious about reaching children for Jesus in our church, in our adjacent College community as well as in the wider community and would like to see our ministry to children expand with a strong emphasis on evangelism. Our existing vibrant and creative ministries to children have established and built many solid connections and have touched the lives of hundreds of children for Jesus over the years.

As part of our pastoral team at Wallsend SDA church, your focus will be on the 1-12 age group.

Here’s some of what you will get up to:

  • Create opportunities and/or events  for parents/kids to invite other families to
  • Collaborate with and support existing children’s ministries
  • Interact with students and families from Macquarie College
  • Find opportunities to create new areas of children’s ministry
  • Support and collaborate with the existing pastoral team

6 things that will make you ideal for this role:

  • Be a committed Seventh-day Adventist who is willing to regularly attend Wallsend Church.
  • Demonstrate a passion and ability to work well with children aged 1-12.
  • Be a visionary leader who can train, develop, empower and coach others.
  • Have good time management and organisational skills including creating and delivering vibrant programs with a Bible focus.
  • Demonstrate an ability to make connections using advanced people skills.
  • Have a willingness to complete (or have already completed) Adsafe requirements – Working with Children Check, Awareness Training and Code of Conduct.

If you think we could be a great fit together, please contact: Bronwyn Fowler (0407 126 738) or via email [email protected] 

Please make your cover letter personal, with details about how you meet the 6 ideals mentioned above. We will read it, especially if you give examples of previous work or experiences. Applications close Monday, 24 October so if you like the sound of this opportunity, please email your application to us. Thank you for considering us and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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