Coastlife Evangelism News

Coastlife Adventist Church Plant at Caves Beach have just concluded their evangelistic series and we praise God for working in people's lives. A total of twenty attendees, including kids, that are not baptised members of the Adventist Church came to at least one of our six sessions. Seven of these were already in regular Bible studies. Four decisions for baptism were made and are now in a baptismal study group (One from an Adventist home, and three from non-Adventist backgrounds).

Two other attendees have also decided to begin Bible studies, praise the Lord! Which means that 10/20 of the attendees are now doing Bible studies, four of whom are preparing for baptism. Two others who've previously been baptised also said they wanted to make a recommitment to Christ (one Adventist, the other is currently studying with us). Big kudos to the devoted, hard-working team for prayer, preparation, and execution. It would not have come together without their willingness to dedicate their time and resources to God's service, and He has richly rewarded their efforts.

Please keep Coastlife, and particularly those preparing for baptism, in prayer as we know that the often more difficult process of follow up is crucial. 

Robby Morgan

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