Adventists and Muslims Support Coonabarabran Community

Last month Paul Bennetts, one of our NNSW Adventist members, visited a Muslim gathering at a civic centre in Sydney. Visiting that day was the Grand Mufti (Islamic jurisconsult) who represents all the imams in Australia.

After the presentation, Paul was also asked to speak. Adventists are respected amongst the Muslim community because of our values and the quality of our schools. Paul was warmly welcomed at their gathering and he spoke about the fourth angel of Revelation 18 and the importance of the 3 angels’ messages. He also talked about the drought out west and presented photos from Coonabarabran and the support our Adventist church there is providing to local residents. The listeners were deeply impacted by the stories and indicated that they wanted to contribute to these efforts. They took up an offering and sent the donations to the Adventist Church in Coonabarabran. The farmers were greatly blessed and touched to receive this kindness from strangers. 

On November 30, over 50 Muslims from Sydney travelled out west to the Adventist Church in Coonabarabran. The congregation prayed and had lunch, together with local people from the community, farmers and people of other faiths.

After lunch, the entire group visited the Siding Springs Observatory (Australia's premier astronomical observatory), one of the local members gave them all the tour of the area. They all gathered together on that sight and prayed for rain, for a blessing on the local Adventist church and the local residents in that region. Everyone was blessed by this special Sabbath and enjoyed the opportunity to come together, pray for and support the struggling residents in the Coonabarabran area. After Sabbath, the company shared dinner together before those from Sydney began their journey back home. On the trip, the group of Muslims left yet another donation and they plan to continue with periodic support.

Rodney MacCallum from Coonabarabran Adventist Church together with Paul Bennetts have been engaging with the Muslim community in Sydney and Newcastle as part of AMR (Adventist Muslim Relations).

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