EndItNow 2021

The theme for this year’s global EnditNow emphasis day is youth violence and pornography. Adventist Women Australia will be hosting a national online summit for EnditNow on Friday, August 27 at 7:30pm AEDT.

The summit will include testimonies, prayer and a live panel discussion where you can send in questions and prayer requests.

A message will be given by special guest presenter Sarah McDugal who is an author, speaker and coach, and specialises in empowering women to recover from abuse.

Please join us as we discuss these important topics and participate in the EnditNow initiative.

Dangerous kissing cousins: Pornography and intimate partner violence

“Sixty-four percent of self-identified Christian men and 15 percent of self-identified Christian women view pornography at least once a month (compared to 65 percent of non-Christian men and 30 percent of non-Christian women).”

If you think it doesn’t affect the church, you are wrong!

“Only 9 percent of church goers and 7 percent of pastors can identify a program at their church to help those struggling with pornography.  So, what are we to do?” 

We need to help find solutions to a big problem!

Find ideas on how to break the addiction and organise support here: https://www.ministrymagazine.org/archive/2019/11/pornography

“Pornography promises to deliver pleasure, but it disseminates pain. In porn, women are disrespected, coerced, and physically and verbally abused, and that reality is shaping how society thinks and acts.” 

Educate yourself on the facts here: https://www.ministrymagazine.org/archive/2019/11/pornography

“Abuse is like soul graffiti, marring our internal picture of the loving character of God” – Sarah McDugal

Sarah has done the research and produced the resources to help women heal from abuse. Find out more on her website: https://www.wildernesstowild.com/

Modesty. Does. Not. Stop. Rape. 

“It isn't the modeling and teaching of modesty that "fuels the problem of rape or sexual perversion". It's the idolization of modesty as a way to prevent rape or sexual perversion that is so endemically problematic.” – Sarah McDugal

Hear from Sarah McDugal, professional recovery coach for abuse, on this topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jmcFrItPek

Physical aggression, boys, girls… pornography affects more than you think. 

Learn the facts: 



Pornography is not going anywhere. It only gets dealt with when we speak up about it. 

Learn the facts, fight the cause. 

Source: https://www.adgully.com/amid-lockdown-pornhub-sees-11-6-hike-in-daily-use-91699.html

“You need support from women of faith who have survived the perilous journey, and are on the other side” – Wildernesstowild

Learn more: https://www.wildernesstowild.com/

The law limits porn sites hosting in Australia but does not restrict watching porn from sources outside of Australia. 

Find ways to break the cycle within your home today: https://www.ministrymagazine.org/archive/2019/11/pornography

“eSafety’s research shows 1 in 4 young people in Australia have been contacted by someone they don’t know online. Usually this is harmless, but at times it can be inappropriate or unsafe.” 

Tips to help manage children’s safety:

  • Use parental controls
  • Set time limits
  • Stay in open areas of the home
  • Know the apps and games your kids are using
  • Turn on privacy settings
  • Co-view and co-play

Find out more: https://www.esafety.gov.au/about-us/blog/covid-19-protecting-children-online-abuse

Support your local community for EndItNow Emphasis Day on August 28, 2021. Stand up as a unified voice against domestic violence!

Find resources here: https://women.adventistchurch.com/blog/enditnow-emphasis-day-2021/




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