Executive Report - July 2019

CFO Report - Russell Halliday

Reduced Sustainability in 2017 and 2018

The north NSW conference has invested heavily in mission in the last few years and under the blessing of God achieved some amazing results. For example, 309 baptisms last year being the highest in 39 years.

We are currently however, going through a necessary period of cost adjustment following a loss of $702k for the church company in 2018. (see table below showing Surplus (Deficits) in recent years)

In response, the conference executive committee approved a first round of cost adjustments in the 2019 budget, a second round in the first half of 2019 and further adjustments are planned for 2020. The objective is to maintain a sustainable surplus position while at the same time minimising disruption to front line mission.

In addition to cost reduction strategies, the conference stewardship department is engaging with church members and local church leadership to develop comprehensive stewardship strategy’s to support and strengthen tithe income going forward.

Tithe Steady

Thanks to the ongoing faithfulness of thousands of church members, tithe trends for the last 12 months are steady. (see chart below showing monthly tithe received by the conference)

For the calendar year January to May 2019 tithe is 0.8% ($55K) below the same period last year and 6% or 423k below budget. The tithe budget this year has been estimated on the basis of prior year trends and anticipated impact of new revival and stewardship awareness strategy’s. God willing, these initiatives will result in an increase in the participation and awareness of biblical tithing and generous living principles.

Tithe Strengthens Mission

In 2019 spending of tithe is in line with budget forecasts with 58% of tithe being spent on frontline ministers, bible workers and evangelism. (see chart below for how we are spending the tithe dollar in 2019). We have exceeded our goal of spending a minimum of 55% of tithe on frontline mission and believe that this is the highest and best use of tithe.

Big Camp Appeal Remains Strong

God has been touching the hearts of hundreds of generous church members with the missional impact of big camp appeal. This year we received another significant contribution of $509k. (see chart below for a history of big camp appeal since its inception in 2016).

This year projects being funded include church planting, church evangelism, health evangelism training, urban centres of influence and lay training discipleship.


“… remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ” Acts 20:35 (NIV)

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