Executive Report - June 2019

I want to take the opportunity through this report to thank a number of people that do some incredible work behind the scenes that adds so much to the ministry and governance of the North New South Wales Conference.

Grey Nomads is a camp run at Stuarts Point each May for retirees.  It is run in May because it works best for the northern migration of the Grey Nomads to the warmer climates.  Pr John Lang heads up the committee that organises Grey Nomads and is really the heart and soul of the operation.  He has been leading, worship co-ordinating, head of security, and the cultural heart of the show for eleven years now.  By many reports, this years camp was the best ever with outstanding speakers, Pavel Goia and Michael Goetz, and an outstanding musical and workshop program.  Almost 700 people were very appreciative of the work that John and the team did.

The work in preparation of the North NSW Constituency Meeting on September 15 is ongoing.  The Nominating Committee is doing its very important work and I encourage you to continue to keep them in your prayers as they appoint leaders for the next four years.  I want to thank Pr Jorge Munoz and Pr Michael Worker from the Australian Union Conference for their leadership and support through this process.

The members of the Executive Committee are the representatives of the local church members, and the highest administrative body in the conference.  The conference has been served with excellence, empathy and skill by the current Executive Committee.  They have two more meetings on June 25 and August 27 before they complete their four-year stint.  I want to take this opportunity to thank each one of them for their commitment of time, talent, wisdom and spiritual insight over the last four years. 

Finally, I want to thank the Coonabarabran church for their warmth and hospitality when I visited them on June 1.  The rigours of administration can get your head and your heart foggy and it was just a wonderful reminder of what’s real, what’s great and what’s fun about being a Seventh-day Adventist.  Thank you Coonabarabran and Pastor Fomai for your kindness, faithfulness, and commitment to the message of Jesus in your local context.

Pr Paul Geelan
General Secretary

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