Executive Report March 2020

The effects of the coronavirus continue to be felt around the world and are starting to have a significant impact on Church operations. As you are aware, four Australian conferences so far have cancelled their Big Camps for 2020 along with our Grey Nomads camp here in NNSW. Other events that are at risk include the PNG evangelistic project (where it is planned to conduct up to 2000 simultaneous evangelistic campaigns with presenters from all over the world) and the General Conference Session. There could be further implications for weekly worship services in the future. We urge all congregations, members and visitors to take every possible precaution to prevent the spread of the virus including personal and cough hygiene. Resource and information sheets, bulletins and updates have been circulated to all pastors.

While the Conference faces this threat along with some financial challenges, we will not be distracted from our strategic focus areas of:

• Growing spiritually
• Serving humanity
• Making disciples and • Spreading the gospel

Projects that are currently underway or planned for the future include the following:

Church plants

The Entrance
Newcastle CBD
Newcastle University
4D Living (Newcastle)
Seeds house church (Newcastle) Bellingen South West Rocks

Centres of Influence

Manna Haven café, Byron Bay
Juice bar & Op shop, Raymond Terrace Food Farmacy café, Cardiff.

The Faith FM breakfast show is produced live in the Conference Office 5 days a week and broadcast Australia wide on the Faith FM network. We acknowledge and appreciate the tireless work of church members who have supported their local communities through the drought and bushfire crisis.

We are certainly living in interesting times. We have a golden opportunity to point our neighbours, friends and non- believing relatives to the God of Hope in a period of uncertainty and instability. May God give us grace and courage as we continue to grow His kingdom here in NNSW.

Pr Adrian Raethel, President

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