Faith and Science Calendar 2020

By Creation Sabbath Competition Team

We have selected some of the best photos in the Creation Sabbath Competition to create the 2020 Faith & Science Calendar. The calendar integrates faith and science—inspirational quotes from the NLT and interesting scientific facts related to each photo in the calendar.

A number of the photos in the Calendar were taken by primary students in our Adventist schools! We have been motivated to create a Junior Category in the 2020 Creation Sabbath Competition and so we are offering the 2020 Faith & Science Calendar as a fundraiser to support our young photographers and filmmakers.

You can buy the calendar from your local ABC or the online ABC store. You can also promote this fundraiser opportunity through your school or church using the promotional resources and the bulk order forms available at the Creation Sabbath Competition website.

Sample Pages

Here are some sample pages from the 2020 Faith & Science Calendar to give you a feel of what the calendar looks like:

Would you like to give our young creatives their own space to shine? Buy a 2020 Faith & Science Calendar today, or organise for a bulk order from your school in the last few weeks of term or in church this coming Sabbath!

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