Faith FM Update - 0319

A lot of exciting things have been happening across the Faith FM network over the past few months.  Our small team has been stretched to the max, but with the news of more baptisms in Adelaide, I knew we couldn’t wait any longer to share some of these stories with you:

  • More baptisms in Adelaide
  • Local mayor to launch Kangaroo Island radio station
  • On-demand podcasts and “Faith FM iView” improve listener engagement
  • Direct-sourcing branding initiative reaches 75%
  • ATSIM preparing to launch new radio program

More Baptisms in Adelaide

Stephen had been listening to Faith FM for some time before deciding to visit the Para Vista church.  He soon began attending on a regular basis, and some time later responded enthusiastically to an invitation to study the Bible with Pr Stephen Bews.  Last Sabbath Stephen made a public commitment for Christ when he was baptised in a quiet service at a nearby beach.

Another Faith FM listener – Maria – who also began attending Para Vista church has been studying the Bible with Nick Creta.  Maria attended Stephen’s baptism and is looking forward with to her own baptism in a few week’s time.

Local Mayor to Launch Kangaroo Island Radio Station

While preparing to establishing a new radio station on Kangaroo Island, the South Australian team came up with an excellent idea to promote Faith FM in the community!

The Kangaroo Island Faith FM radio station will be launched this Sabbath by Mayor of Kangaroo Island – Mr Michael Pengilly.  The local community is invited to a free breakfast & lunch with live music, and the launch itself will be broadcast live on Faith FM.  (see poster below)

The South Australian team have seen first-hand the positive impact of Faith FM in their community, and it’s great to see them leading the way maximising the impact of radio by being intentional about promoting Faith FM in their community. 

On-demand Podcasts and “Faith FM iView” Increase Listener Engagement

Over the year-end, the first stage of Faith FM’s new online presence went live – addressing key items our listeners have been calling for: 

  • on-demand programs & podcasts  (think “ABC iView”)
  • schedule information
  • up-to-date radio station listings  (towns and frequencies)

Check it out for yourself at  These enhancements allow us to engage more closely with our listeners including understanding WHERE they are listening from.  A Faith FM smartphone app based on this same platform developed by Alex Green is scheduled to be launched in a couple of months time.

Direct-sourcing Branding Initiative Reaches 75%

The momentum of the Faith FM branding strategy launched last year has been continuing strongly.  Direct-sourced (vs 3ABN-sourced) content has now reached 75% completion with new programs from a variety of speakers having been introduced – including international presenters such as Clifford Goldstein and Dwight Nelson… as well as Australian presenters including Gary Webster.

ATSIM Preparing to Launch New Radio Program

Following the launch of Faith FM into the outback in December on the VAST network, the ATSIM team have been actively preparing to launch a weekly radio program targeted to reaching Indigenous Australians.  At the ATSIM camp in January many people were excited to share their testimonies for radio interviews, and our ATSIM leaders around the country are working together to use this new avenue for reaching people for Christ.

Please continue to uphold the Faith FM radio ministry in your prayers.  We face many challenges, but God is continuing to do amazing things as our pastors, lay-people, and church leadership around Australia are working together to harness the opportunities God has given us to reach people through radio!

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