Lest We Forget


To overstate your age to qualify!
To rise early, in freezing stinking trenches with the stench of death ever present, to travel to the other side the world to do battle for king and country!

As the sun rose and the numbers swelled at the Dawn Service at the RSL in Morisset, we were poignantly reminded of the commitment to defend our country. The Avondale Advent Brass were there to add value to the remembrance service. A commitment to performance at Anzac for more than 50 years. Celebrated again in the Anzac March later in the day.
As the sun rose, all present were united as they reflectively sang ‘Abide with Me’ and together responded ‘will remember them, lest we forget!’ A community commitment to remember and value what Anzac truly stands for.

Postnote: Avondale Brass serves the Conference churches enhancing the worship services in many of the country churches. An open invitation to all brass players to join us and if you do not play a donation to our mission expenses is most welcome!

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