Let’s adopt Newcastle Airport!

People are in such a rush these days. It’s not often we slow down and have time to reflect on personal or spiritual things. One the rare places where we are still required to spend time waiting, however, is at the airport.

One of our key regional airports has gone international. Newcastle Airport has been making a big fuss over the direct Virgin route to Auckland they added during the summer tourist season. Every day about 3300 passengers pass through the terminal and, given Newcastle Airport’s expanding ambitions, that’s a number that’s likely to increase.

Experience tells us that many travellers are open to exploring spiritual things. On the Spirit of Tasmania ferries, for example, passengers take up to 400 Signs of the Times magazines each month—they’re provided free to passengers on the boats’ tourist hubs, thanks to generous sponsors. Signs magazine, of course, is aimed precisely at the public—it’s an evangelistic magazine so even though weighty spiritual and biblical issues are presented, there’s no churchy jargon.

Imagine if we could adopt Newcastle Airport as a strategic location to place Signs magazines for the travelling public to take and read. It’s completely doable. All it would take is a few hundred dollars per month to sponsor the magazines and have them placed in the three brochure racks by airport employees—they would keep the racks stocked for us so long as we provide them with enough Signs to do so.

Ready to fly? Contact us at info@signsofthetimes.org.au. And remember, Signs is for Sharing!

Kent Kingston is editor of Signs of the Times magazine.

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