The Bell: Bellingen House Church

For the past two months, a group of believers have been coming together in our home each week for Home Church. Several months back we had felt the Holy Spirit pressing upon to start a house church but it wasn’t until we began visiting with another young family who told us they were feeling impressed to join a house church that we realised it was time to start.  Since then our group has doubled in size with two other families worshipping with us and others who visit from time to time. We are overwhelmed and overjoyed at how quickly our group is growing.  Half of those who worship with us have no Adventist background.  On Good Friday we held an Agape meal and had 11 children come with their parents.  Some had never had a church experience before.  We were thrilled to see everyone engaging and participating in the worship service even those who had little or no previous Christian background.

The simple room that we gather together in each week

Over the past two weeks, we have been blessed by Pr Peter Watts coming to present the ‘Is God For Real?’ program here in Bellingen. We have witnessed hearts being convicted through this program and expect our home church to grow as a result.  We will be continuing the program in our home over the coming months.  I sometimes say that I believe the Spirit of God is hovering over Bellingen as we daily see His working and are brought into contact with new seekers.  Even a simple visit to the library or a playground results in Divine appointments and new contacts.  
Please keep us in prayer as we continue to minister to this community which has a strong New Age presence and is generally cautious of the Christian message. God is revealing ways to share His love and we are so excited to see Him at work.

Rebecca Cheers

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