Ocean Shores Celebrates 25 Years of VBS!

- Daron Pratt

This would have to be the longest-running evangelistic campaign in the conference! Literally, 1000’s of eager children have been impacted this church and that Happy Holiday Club and the whole church and their friends have been involved in staffing it!

Ocean Shores have a six year cycle of themes with a room dedicated to storing all of their props. Well done Ocean Shores on 25 years of continued Happy Holiday Clubs! You are a testimony to what any church in our conference can do. Your dedication and commitment to ministry is an example to us all! #authenticevangelism

This small church packs a real punch. They know the value of investing in children and their families. I especially loved the following

* Unashamedly sharing the gospel in a relevant way

* The whole church is involved in some way. This is truly a child-sensitive intergenerational event.

* Men helping/mentoring upper primary school boys with their craft.

* Ladies doing the same with the girls as they tie-died T-shirts.

* Teens who have been right through kids clubs now on staff and helping (at least 15 of them)

* Relevant contemporary music aimed at where the children can relate and worship

* largely unchurched children from the community.

* professional drama and props

* A sense of this is worth it. This is authentic evangelism.

Thanks Ocean Shores Church for investing in the Kingdom.

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