Philippines Preaching Trip

- Blair Lemke

Over the last 2 weeks the NNSW Conference has had a team of 34 Young Adults and Next Generation Ministers with their mentors conducting a large-scale evangelism campaign on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines. A joint initiative of the Southern Asia Pacific Division, Northern Philippine Union, South-Central Luzon Conference, Adventist World Radio and the North New South Wales Conference, the evangelism campaign covered 40 sites across the region of Oriental Mindoro and was received exceptionally well by the locals. A 4-day Medical Mission, hosted by Adventist World Radio and supported by the local government, ran concurrently with the first few days of the evangelism campaign and provided free medical care to over 5000 patients offering dental care, health check-ups, minor surgery’s, prescription glasses, hair cuts, massages and more. Our team were actively involved in providing this care and praying for and ministering to the patients and invitations to attend the nightly meetings were extended.

During the campaign each of our young adults and Next Generation Ministers had their own site that they were responsible to preach and minister at. For many of the team, this was a first time preaching and was an incredibly rewarding experience where they tangibly experienced God working through them firsthand and grew in their knowledge, appreciation for and commitment to the precious message of the everlasting gospel that God has entrusted Seventh-day Adventists to share with the world.

After preaching at separate sites throughout the week, the presenters and baptismal candidates from each site came together at a central location on the final Sabbath for a combined program where Pr. Tom Evans preached and baptisms were conducted. A remarkable total of 408 baptisms from across the sites was recorded with more expected over the next few weeks as additional commitments and spiritual interests from the evangelistic effort are followed up. Among those baptised as a result of the campaign was a Sunday keeping Pastor from a local “Church of God” congregation with his family, as well as 4 Rebel Commanders of a rogue military group in opposition to the local government and 18 of their followers.

We praise God for the Kingdom growth and impact that He was able to make through our team of NNSW Young Adults and Next Generation Ministers and are thankful for the missional culture of our young people in this Conference. Please pray for our team as they head back to their local churches and communities and make the most of the opportunities that God gives them to put into practice their renewed love for evangelism and share the love of God within their own spheres of influence.

We continue to raise funds to provide Bibles for the baptismal candidates from the campaign and for local Bible workers to continue to follow up spiritual commitments and interests generated from the campaign. If you are interested in contributing you are able to do so via the following link;

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