Prayer and Praise - Proclaim 2019

This past Sabbath at 4p.m. 130 Newcastle and Hunter Region Church members who’s churches participated in the Proclaim 2019 Evangelism Department Initiative, met at the Warners Bay Church to praise God for what He’s done. We heard powerful testimonies from Pastors about their Local Churches efforts and from people who’ve been won through the Everlasting Gospel in 2019 through Proclaim.

Pastor Grego Pilay shared a powerful message from the Word of entitled, “The Pressure to Proclaim”. He discussed the power of the Gospel and how we ought not be ashamed. The best part of the message from my point of view was when Grego took us to Ezekiel chapter 4. There Ezekiel is commanded by God to act out the prophetic messages he was given. Through this acting out God was constantly reminding Ezekiel that there was pressure to proclaim and that he needed to remember the burden God had placed upon him for the souls of the lost. A brief explanation of the message can’t do it justice so I’ll just leave it there. 

We were also blessed by the Samoan Youth Choir who shared several special items throughout the service. They simultaneously made us want to be in Samoa and in heaven! I hear there are parallels between the two from those who’ve been to Samoa. They sang with the innocence and sincerity of children of God and we were truly blessed by their ministry.

The last and most important part of the afternoon was when we spent time in prayer together. It’s easy to forget that eternal destinies being decided every day in our communities and that we have the opportunity to as ambassadors of Jesus Christ stand between the living and the dead. We gathered into small groups to ask God to continue to grow those who’d been baptised and to intensify the conviction of those on the verge of a decision and to keep us faithful in following up these people and committing to care for them responsibly as if they are truly our family now. The afternoon was enjoyed by all except for Satan. For this we are saying Amen!

Matt Parra
Personal Ministries, Evangelism and Sabbath School Director

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