The Gospel shared in a Hospital Ward - Kelvin's Story

Kelvin’s interest in spiritual things was sparked when he was in hospital and rooming there with Alan Craig, one of our village residents at the Avondale Retirement Village. Alan introduced him to Jesus. When he got back to Bayside, Kelvin pursued this interest and after receiving Bible studies, asked to be baptised. Because of his frail condition it was proposed that he be accepted by profession of faith but he insisted that he wanted to be baptised by emersion like Jesus was.  He was very frail but he was able to have his wish granted.  You can see the look of joy on his face in these pictures.  

Below is a letter that Kevin wrote to the staff at Avondale Retirement Village.

To everyone involved in the planning and execution of my Baptism service on Saturday 23rd November 2019, and all those who attended, I would like to extend my humble appreciation. Firstly, to Avondale House administration for accommodating me. To Trevor, Loretta and the care team for all your planning, hard work and support. To the decoration team and those who arranged transport, and my beautiful flowers and card. To Pastor Grego and all my wonderful new brothers and sisters who took time to come and encourage me and witness my commitment to God. (*with special mention to James for playing his clarinet for me), I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.Never before have I received such a reception! How good it was to be treated as though I belong to such a large and loving family. I praise God for each one of you, may He bless you abundantly.

All my love and best regards,
Your Brother Kelvin

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