Town Hall Meetings

July 29 - August 7

In preparation for the constituency meeting on September 15, “Town Hall Meetings” will be held in 8 locations explaining Constituency Meeting Logistics, North NSW Conference Strategic Plan, Constitution Changes, Best Use of 112 Lake Road and to give people the opportunity to ask questions. Constituency meeting delegates and any interested parties are strongly encouraged to attend.

Locations                         Dates                  Time

Gosford                             July 29                 7pm

Avondale Memorial        July 30                 7pm

Wallsend                          July 31                 7pm

Port Macquarie               August 1             7pm

Lismore                              August 4             7pm

Kingscliff                           August 5             7pm

Armidale                           August 6             7pm

Gunnedah                        August 7             7pm

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