Water For Life Project - Wallsend Church

Words: Joy Guy
Photo credit: Julie Norris

The Sunday morning news bulletin included an item that the town of Murrurundi in the Upper Hunter Valley was facing Level 6 water restrictions and its bore water sources had run dry.

As Robert & Julie Norris sat eating their breakfast, they contemplated what they could do to help. They immediately prayed for rain. Later they felt impressed to contact Jenny, the Country Women’s Association (CWA) representative for the Murrurundi area with an offer to deliver 10 litre containers (jugs) of water to the town.

Jenny expressed her surprise and extreme gratitude. She arranged to take delivery of the water at the old church which had been converted into a food pantry.

Robert & Julie swung into action. In consultation with the Wallsend Church Board, they established a fund called “Water for Life” and used social media to seek support.

Within several days, 250 x 10 litre jugs of water had been purchased. Each jug was labelled with a sticker identifying Wallsend SDA Church as the donor and the Bible verse Revelation 22:17b “Let those who want the water of life take it as a gift.”

Willing helpers gathered on Wednesday night to load the jugs onto Robert’s ute; it was no coincidence that the ute’s number plate begins with CWA!

On Thursday afternoon the water was delivered to the overjoyed food bank staff, who are led by Justine. The bottled water is being made available to the townsfolk, with a Rural Aid tanker delivering water supplies to the surrounding rural areas.

Money continues to be donated to the project. More water will be supplied to Murrurundi as required, with further supplies being made available to other local towns.

God’s water of life is free, and He gives us ample opportunity to share it with others.

Wallsend Church have just completed a second water delivery to Murrurundi.

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