West Wallsend Church 10th Anniversary

West Wallsend church held a special worship service which commemorated their 10 year anniversary on the Sabbath afternoon of 22nd Feb 2020. Around 100 people including Pr Adrian Raethel, President of the NNSW conference, attended the service to celebrate. Pr Adrian quoted the last 5 Psalms from the Bible to encourage all the participants to give glory to the Lord through all the aspects of their lives. The service was full of gracious praises, starting with the beautiful music of the church orchestra, and followed by reading of the poem of gratitude, and the choir of all church members. The service lifted up the Lord who have led the church for the last 10 years and provided all the grace to them abundantly. 

The church history report summarised how West Wallsend church has put its efforts to evangelise the Korean community in Newcastle, the overseas students through a small group ministry, and the local community through the community influence centre and the healthy cooking demonstration. The church also reported how they supported many missionaries in various countries by prayers and financial support to build new church buildings and to reach out to the neglected areas.

The church experienced a lot of blessing since it started its meeting by a small house prayer group of 5 families, soon bought the church building at West Wallsend, and grew up to a church of 40 people , plus 400% growth of tithe in the last 10 years.

West Wallsend church is now praying that they can share the three angel messages to more Korean people and the souls around them through various activities of discipleship training, small group ministry, and pathfinder.

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