What do you think?

When you take a casual look, it seems quite simple. It appears there’s not much to it at all. However, the humble water molecule carries its own chemical complexity. The question is, does this complexity suggest a chemistry fine-tuned by a God, or is it an accident of evolutionary physics?

Water has a number of unique properties that suggest it’s been fine-tuned for our planet. The properties of water allow life to exist and thrive, without it, life on earth as we know it would not be possible. Water supports all forms of life and is an integral part of basic biology and chemistry.

In the words of Professor Alister McGrath from the University of Oxford, “In recent years, I think we have come to understand how critical the properties of water are to any form of life. You and I just wouldn’t be here unless water had its distinct properties. Those properties include its ability to be a solvent, its ability to allow electron transfer in solvents, it’s essential for life as we know it.”

So how did Earth get all its water?

Professor Lawrence Krauss, a Cosmologist formerly from Yale University suggests, “When the earth formed, the temperature around the sun and the earth was incredibly hot, the sun was just forming, the temperature in the region was 1000 degrees, there’d be no free water. But water can be stored in rocks pretty efficiently.  Now we’ve realised there’s probably more water stored deep underground in the earth than in all the oceans.  So, it could have been that the water came here embedded in small rocks and grains that came together to coalesce and form the earth or delivered by rocks as asteroids. We are still trying to solve that problem.”

The humble water molecule, you rarely think of it, and yet it’s an elegant molecule, chemically fine-tuned for literally thousands of reactions that support life.  It looks like a work of genius, so could it be a subtle clue to a kind of intelligence who wants us to actually be here, alive and enjoying ourselves.

What do you think?

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