Pray Your Way Around The NNSW Conference!

In 2019, the team at the office of Adventist Mission for the World Church released a Mission to the Cities Prayer Map, that listed all the major cities of the world in the form of a train map. The idea was that people could pray their way around the world, and join in interceding for the success of God’s work. This idea is powerful, and so we decided to develop our very own NNSW Prayer Map too. You will see all the various churches, ministries, companies and initiatives in our conference, laid out in the form of a train map. It is our prayer, that this prayer map will be a useful tool that will help us to intercede together for the success of God’s work and God’s vision in our conference. Please use this in your private prayers, family worships, or classrooms etc. Ellen White once wrote, “Let your prayers follow the servants of God like sharp sickles in the harvest field. God will hear the earnest entreaties of His people.”  (The Signs of the Times, September 4, 1879) Let’s press together in earnest prayer for the mission field that God has placed us in for such a time as this.

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