2019 Bi-annual Adventurer Camporee

Event: Bi-annual Adventurer Camporee

Dates: Friday 27th – Sunday 29th of September

Location: Stuarts Point Convention Centre, 250 Grassy Head Road, Stuarts Point NSW 2441

The Camporee is for all Adventurers, club leaders and their families as well as friends from the community with children aged 4-9. Family groups with children outside this age are most welcome to participate in all the crafts, special family worships, animal times, country rides and fun Sunday.

Camporee Costs: (To be paid at the time of registration)

  • Children 3 and under are free
  • Participating Adventurers and siblings is $50 per child
  • Accompanying parents, friends and non-participating siblings is $35 per person

Separate Accommodation and Day Visit Costs:

  • Day Visitor for $3 per person covers both days
  • Bookings for accommodation will be through the convention centre web site and start at $10/person/night for a powered site and the price goes up from there as you choose tent, cabin, motels or houses. Please contact Stuarts Point direct for all bookings and inquiries re accommodation for your club

Stuarts Point Convention Centre

Address: 250 Grassy Head Rd, Stuarts Point NSW 2441

Web site: http://stuartspointconventioncentre.com.au/

NOTE: Accommodation, food and transport are at your own expense.


Please note we take the safety of every child seriously.  Each Adventurer must be accompanied by their parent/guardian and attend all programs and activities together. Parents, please know where your child is at all times.

Please note that all staff and helpers have met all child protection requirements


Looking forward to seeing you at Camporee