Adventist Branding and Identity

Why is Branding Important?

In 2018, the Seventh-day Adventist Church released a new branding style guide. Maintaining a consistent brand is vital to communicating our message clearly and effectively. Think of some of the greatest global brands such as Ford, McDonalds or Facebook. Their message and what they stand for is encapsulated in a single visual icon. This is very powerful. Maintaining consistent branding will strengthen Adventist identity and make it easier to share what we are all about with others.


The Adventist Identity Style Guide including information on how logos and fonts are to be used can be found at  There's even a logo maker where you can create your own church logo specific to your location.


All the rules provided for signage specifications are available in the style guide above. An Adobe Illustrator editable file for a vertical sign is available upon request. Here are the steps to take for signage implementation.

Step 1

Decide on the size, location and type of sign that you want. Keep in mind that outdoor pylons and large signage may require local council approvals and engineering drawings. Please contact your local council for information and requirements.

Step 2

Request a quote from a signage supplier of your choice. Remember that different surface materials and colours have varying life spans. Choose a surface material that will best suit your needs.

Step 3

Obtain design approval from the NNSW Conference office. Our communications team is here to assist you with design implementation. Please forward your signage designs to us

Step 4

Proceed with signage implementation. Once you have design approval and a quote from a supplier that your are happy with, you may proceed with the sign construction and installation.


Churches in the North NSW conference may apply to the conference Chief Financial Officer for grants to assist with building development work at the local church. Approved church signage funding is available as part of building development funding (80% of cost of signage up to a maximum $10,000). A formal letter of application from the church board should be sent to Seventh-day Adventist Church:

North NSW Conference
Chief Financial Officer
Po Box 7
Wallsend NSW 2287.

The letter should outline the proposal and the need for financial assistance. A statement of how the local church will fund its contribution to the project should be included. A statement should also be included indicating how the proposal will integrate with the strategic mission of the church in terms of membership growth and quality of services to the community, etc. Conference Administration and in the case of large projects the Conference Executive Committee will consider each application and provide grants where possible based on the availability of funds and the demonstrated needs.

Thank you!

I want to thank you for helping us strengthen Adventist identity through strong and consistent branding. If you have any questions regarding branding and signage, please feel free to contact the communications team
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