Contractor Induction


Thank you for coming to work with us here at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North New South Wales. We would like to welcome you to our site and facilitate your work with a Christ like attitude and atmosphere, ultimately so you can return home from work safe and look forward to joining us again in the future.


This induction is designed to give you the NNSW Conference safety management guidelines and provide you with information regarding specific requirements when working at the Wallsend site. By reading and understanding this guide, everyone working within the Lake Rd site will be able to play their role in maintaining a safe site.

The key purpose of this guide is to advise of

  • Work health and safety obligations under the WHS Act 2011 and WHS Regulations 2011
  • Hazards and their associated risk, how to assess them and put in controls to reduce these risks as much as reasonably possible
  • Any relevant operational issues in the management of 112 Lake Rd Wallsend

Please remember that whilst you are working on our site, the NNSW Conference office is operating as normal within the building and your respect for this condition is appreciated.


The Seventh-day Adventist Church (NNSW) has prepared this guide in order to assist you to work safely while on site and abide by our WHS requirements relating to people and property. It should be noted that these requirements are in no way an attempt to summarise legislative requirements. You should, as a professional, be familiar with all relevant legislative requirements with regard to Work, Health and Safety legislation. You can review these documents at

Related Documents

  • Work health & Safety Policy Statement
  • Induction register
  • Emergency Management Procedures
  • WHS Fact Sheet
  • Incident Reporting & Investigation
  • Hazard Register and Treatment Plans

Management Information

Seventh-day Adventist Church in North New South Wales is led by our administration team that consists of our

  • President, Pr. Adrian Raethel
  • Company Secretary, Pr. Abel Iorgulescu
  • Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Russell Halliday

The key persons of interest to your work here on site will be governed by

  • Site Manager, Mr. Owen Ryan
  • WHS Coordinator, Ms. Jodie Bird
  • Human Resources, Mrs. Cindy Cox
  • Groundskeeper, Mr. Paul Laurie

Our first aid and emergency management teams are available to you whilst you are on site but please remember – IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY PLEASE CALL AN AMBULANCE IMMEDIATELY

On Arrival / Departure

When you arrive at our site you must report to reception to sign in, get your basic orientation and receive instruction from the relevant manager. If you pre-register all your crew, this will be relatively simple – but please note that all bodies on site are required to have completed this induction and sign in / out on the day of their visit.

Conduct while on site

Please observe a modest standard of dress and deportment. Loud and offensive language is not accepted or tolerated.


Please feel free to come inside and use our amenities and staff room. Provided the latter is observed – you are most welcome.

Drug Free Zone

The site is a designated alcohol, tobacco and drug free environment. Alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs are NOT to be brought onto the site. Offenders and their entire crew will be asked to leave and not invited to return.

Element Safety

Please make considerations for the reality that you may be working outdoors. Sun safety is a key point of Personal Protective Equipment that is recommended on site. Remember to slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat.

Please also note that the insects can be quite savage in the area and that insect repellent is also recommended.

Evacuation Assembly Areas

Fire Management

You will note on your site map the evacuation assembly areas. In the event that the alarm is sounded and assembly is require, you will be escorted to the relevant areas. It is of utmost importance that you do not leave the grounds until instructed by a warden that the danger has passed.

Firefighting equipment is located all around the site. It is important for you to assess the area you will be working in and check the site map accordingly. Remember that in an emergency it is important to call 000 and also let the office know of the emergency.

Reporting Incidents and Injuries and Near Misses.

In the event of any incidents / injuries or near misses you are required to report this to the WHS coordinator. A report will be completed and registered with our safety officer. Please do not take it upon yourself to decide whether the matter is serious enough to report. This is for the determination of professional safety officers. <insert link>

Risk Assessment / SWMS

Please submit your RA’s and relevant SWMS’S to the WHS Coordinator. This is nonnegotiable and work will not commence until the due diligence of risk mitigation is performed. Our friendly staff are here to help you in any way we can. This process is regarded with the utmost of importance and not designed to hinder you performing your duties but to ensure that you go home at the end of the day.

Speed Limit

Please maintain a speed limit of 5km per hour here on site. Our workers often walk around the site for exercise during the day.

Insurance Qualification and other documents

In order for us to ensure that we are providing a safe working environment, we are required to make sure that you have the relevant paper work and qualifications in place. The following documents must be provided to management before work can commence.

  • RTW Plan and current certificates
  • Public Liability Certificate
  • Relevant qualifications i.e. trade certificates, working with heights, other documents
  • Any other relevant documentation that management deems necessary at their discretion.

Equipment Register (Test & Tag)

The management of your equipment is an essential part of you following the codes of best practice and legislative requirements.  You should have all your electrical equipment tested and tagged – this should be reflected in your risk assessments or relevant Safe Work Method Statements that will be reviewed by our WHS coordinator. In the event that you discover that a specific tool is in need of testing, please come and see us for assistance. It is a service we can provide for a small fee.

Onsite Hazards

Confined spaces – Seventh-day Adventist Church NNSW does not provide training with respect to issues relating to working in confined spaces and the requirement to work in confined spaces is not part of our regular work practices. As such, if you as a contractor have been asked to work in a confined space it is because of the latter. Your relevant training certificates will be required before the contract will be accepted.

Wildlife encounters – Seventh-day Adventist Church NNSW has a large property at Wallsend that backs onto bush land. While every effort is made to keep the site under control, the wild life and bush land sometimes encroaches up the hill. It should be known that various wildlife can be found on this property including but not limited to snakes (both venomous and non), kangaroos, lizards, goannas, rabbits, foxes, spiders, rodents, possums and a variety of different birds. It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with our encountering wildlife onsite management policy

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