Strategic Plan 2019-2022

NNSW Adventists
The strategic plan of the North New South Wales Conference was modelled on the life of Jesus Christ. When Jesus was on this earth He served humanity, made disciples, proclaimed the Gospel and He spent time on the mountain top, growing spiritually. Our vision is that God’s church be engaged in these very same activities.


A Spirit-filled body of believers that are
experiencing personal and corporate growth. Members are experiencing a vibrant prayer and devotional life; empowered to joyfully share their faith.


• Every local church having a weekly
prayer meeting(s) with 15% of members
• 50% of pastors having a three night
personal spiritual retreat annually by
• 20% of churches have an active small
group ministry by 2022.


Our communities are better places because the Seventh-day Adventist Church exists. The partnership of the local church with its community is on the basis of assessed need. Church members are empowered and trained to respond missionally in their area of giftedness.


• Every local church appoints Adventist
Community Service leaders and 80%
of these have been trained to provide leadership for the churches engagement
with their community.
• Establish a health retreat to promote
• Establish three flagship centres of influence.


Empowering our church communities to be agents of the Holy Spirit to grow disciples. Develop a multiplying movement that encourages every member to disciple another to Christ.


• Establish a southern discipleship training program.
• 50 Next Generation Ministers enrolled
• Six churches implementing the
“Growing Young” principles by 2022.
*The communications team will be working with local churches to build/grow seeker-focused content and platforms such as magazines, podcasts and other digital media channels. The goal is to achieve a 2 million reach (impressions/distribution) with these channels.

the Gospel

Facilitating the proclamation of the everlasting gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in the context of the three angel’s messages of Revelation 14:6- 12; leading people to accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord.


• 12 Church Plants.
• 100 volunteer preachers trained by
• Build seeker-focused media channels
with weekly content achieving two million annual reach.*

Overall Goals

500 baptisms per year by 2022.
20 “Steps” along church growth scale amongst all local churches.**
Sixteen churches having completed the church revitalisation process during 2019 – 2022.
Lift the NNSW Conference NCD average score by four points by 2022.
**Church growth can be described using 5 levels: Pre-Evangelistic Work, Church Plant, Company, Church and Multiplying Church. When a church makes a transition from one level to the next, this is defined as achieving a “step”. Our vision is that all the local churches in our Conference will be able to collectively achieve 20 “steps” by 2022.
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