01 November 2017   /    The Upside

The Upside – Issue 5

  Susan Merchant


What’s the biggest step outside of your comfort zone that you’ve ever taken in order to help someone else? For some of us, it might have been something dramatic — jumping in at a time of crisis to avert disaster or save a life — but for others, it might have been something as seemingly simple as befriending new people and caring for them in times of trouble.

The exciting thing about helping people is that it’s not limited to dramatic, epic moments. It can be done anywhere and at any time.

In this issue of The Upside, we’ve got a story about changed lives that are now changing lives (“Planting SEEDS in Newcastle,” page 4). In addition to that, a SEEDS Pack for a Purpose mission trip member shares their experience of what it was like going on their first service trip (“A first time for everything,” page 6).

We hope you’re inspired by what you read and can think of new, exciting ways you can impact others’ lives for good.

Download a copy to share with your friends here: The Upside – Issue 5 as a PDF.