Training The Trainer Weekend - Depression and Recovery Program

Training The Trainer Weekend

The Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program is a Mental Health Education Program (not a therapy program) that has made a huge impact on thousands of people, activated them for the Gospel and has made new friends of the church whilst other had also decided to join.

A new pandemic has developed out of the COVID-19 crisis namely a Mental Health Crisis.  This creates great opportunities for us as a church to reach our community, responding to their needs, providing Hope and a Future – facilitating moments for accepting the Gospel.  

Our training follows the following schedule:
Friday Evening:                  
7pm – 9pm –  Missional Focus and opportunities

Sabbath (Saturday):         
9:30 am – Breaking the hold of Shame – How the Gospel speaks into the most painful memories of our past
11:00 am – Presence of the Past – Satan’s model to hold us in the past versus God’s model to set us free
2:30 – 7:00pm – How to deal with difficult people.  DSM-5 identification of Depression and Nedley’s 10 Hit-categories. 
Scheduling and timing of the DARP program and follow up programs.

8am – 4pm – Training on: program staffing, Program planning, Demonstration of Sessions Introduction, Session 1 and Session 3. Demonstration of DART (Evaluation Test).

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