Summer Camp Stories: Jared and Carina Martin

Jared and Carina Martin

Jared and Carina both have very different Summer Camp experiences — mainly because, up until recently, the Summer Camps that Carina has experienced were in her home country of Denmark. The main difference Carina notes — apart from the weather, which makes outdoor activities so much easier — is the role of assistant girls’ director (which she filled this year at Teen 1). “In Denmark, they don’t have a role like that,” she says. “There’s no-one there to take care of the counsellors like there is here. It’s really cool that we have the opportunity to help in that way here. The counsellors in Denmark also don’t stay in the cabins like they do here. I love seeing the time that counsellors and co-counsellors spend with the kids here, and how the nighttime worships are such a precious bonding time.”
Jared, who was the Program Director for Teen 1, hadn’t been to our Summer Camps for a while, due to being overseas. This was his fourth year as a staff member, but the first time as Program Director. “It’s a challenge to coordinate all of the different people and aspects of the program, keeping a consistent theme,” he says. “We have counsellors sharing their testimonies and get the kids to do prayer. Our aim is to teach the kids how to do a testimony so they could share their own with their group at the end of the week.”
He says his favourite thing about Summer Camps is “seeing the kids being challenged by the activities, but just really getting in and giving it a go. And with the night programs, seeing them participate!” Carina say she found the whole atmosphere of the camp and the way the band led into worship “awesome.” She adds, “It’s so cool to see the kids engage with the speaker too!”

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