Summer Camp Stories: Mitch Wallace

Mitch Wallace

Music is a big part of the Summer Camp worship experience, and Mitch Wallace was the bass player in the band for Teen 1. He also worked as a co-counsellor. "It's alright — it's a bit of extra added work, but it's good," he said. This year was his third working as a staff member, following on from attending as a camper.
The work as a co-counsellor involves working with campers closely. Mitch says, "I stayed in the cabin with the guys and the counsellor, hung out with the kids when I had time (apart from my main role in the band), did some worships with the kids, sat with them at meal times and did a bit of mentoring."
When asked how he got involved with the band, Mitch says, "I got asked to play and said yes. I'm passionate about music and ministry that can be done through it. I have a passion for music in its own right separate from worship music; yet I also have a passion for worship music in that it leads people to God and I think God's pretty cool."
His favourite thing about the Summer Camps — apart from the music — is that it's "a week — or multiple weeks if you're here for longer — that are all about serving God and drawing people closer to Him."
His advice for anyone thinking of attending Summer Camps? "To campers, I say go for it. There's plenty of great fun outdoors, as well as new experiences and new challenges. To anyone coming here as staff, it's not going to be easy — I won't lie about that — but it will be very rewarding, and for the effort you put into it, you get so much more back."

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