The 2019 Appeal is an opportunity for you to invest directly in
front-line evangelism, community outreach, and spiritual revival.

Over $500,000 Raised!

We want to thank you for your generosity to the Big Camp Appeal. We have reached the goal of $500,000 and treasury is still waiting on the total amount collected in local churches. We praise God for the opportunity to work together with Him. Here are the projects that the 2019 Big Camp Appeal will be funding.

Proclaiming the Gospel

Church Planting
7 church plants at Caves Beach, Newcastle Uni., South West Rocks, Stuart’s Point, The Entrance, The Well (Kempsey) and Thornton.

Regional Evangelism
Supporting churches to run more evangelistic programs in regions across the conference.

Serving Humanity

Health Evangelism
Establish a medical missionary training program and pilot a NNSW conference-operated health retreat.

Urban Centres of Influence
Undertake local Community Needs Analysis to identify best locations in NNSW and commence development.

Making Disciples

LIFE Discipleship Training Program
Prepare and launch LIFE in the south of the conference in early 2020.
“The LORD said to Moses: ... take for me an offering from all whose hearts prompt them to give.” Exodus 25:1-2


Our conference-wide commitment in 2018 to cutting-edge community outreach, Spirit-filled revival and remembering our unique mission as Seventh-day Adventists allowed God to work mightily. Let’s give our united thanks to the Lord for His wonderful blessing in giving us such an increase for His kingdom. God willing, 2019 will see wide-scale church planting, front-line discipleship training and the rapid expansion of cutting-edge health evangelism. Your investment in these innovative ministries is at the very core of our conference’s mission and we are humbly appreciative of your incredible generosity. Let’s keep moving forward on our knees.

Tom Evans
NNSW President
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